Neutral Grey shadows …

Sometimes we see grey or silver shadows and shy away from them. This is a simple way to wear them and warm it up a bit using the NAKED 2 Palette from Urban Decay.

I primed my eye with a yellow concealer (Graftobian yellow) and set it with Banana powder (Ben Nye) Just to brighten the eye

I applied “Foxy” on the lid (matte cream color)

I took a pencil brush and created a crease with “Busted” (Satin plum dark brown) then smoked that out with a fluffy brush

I took “Pistol” (Satin warm steel grey) yes this is where the grey kicks in, and I smoked out the crease almost going into the brow bone with this color.

Took “Verve” (Pale metallic pink grey) and put that in the inner corners of my eye to open them up a bit.

With the mix of matte,satin and metallic you get some shimmer but not over kill.





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